All fittings and alterations completed in one day.  Start in the morning with your first fitting, come back mid-day for a test fit, and take your perfectly-fitted dress home with you at the end of the day. 


Perfect for long-distance brides who want a one-and-done dress experience.  Comes with a special gift. 


All-inclusive, one-day price is $1200.*

(*Price is for standard alterations.  Redesigns will cost extra.)


Look your best at prom, or as a bridesmaid, in a perfectly-fitted gown.  Expect a first fitting and a return fitting to ensure a proper fit.  Complimentary steaming for your dress is included.  


Please call 4-8 weeks in advance of your event to book a fitting.  


Prices start at $75.    


We fit your dress from top to bottom to ensure a perfect fit on your wedding day.  Expect a first fitting, 1 or more test fittings, and a final fit. 


As a complimentary service, we press and steam your dress and veil just before your wedding so your mom doesn't have to do it!

Please book your first appointment 4-6 months in advance of your wedding.

Prices for bridal alterations start at $350.


Achieve a tailored look in ready-to-wear suits.  For military, we follow uniform regulations.  Expect a first fitting, then a return fitting to ensure your garments are right. 


Prices vary.

suits & military

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