The Difference of a Good Fit

Remember when Tom Hanks turned back into a little boy, swimming in a huge suit, at the end of the movie "Big"? That’s what I see every Sunday in church.

And about every wedding has the ladies, often the bride included, yanking up their strapless dresses every thirty seconds, afraid of a mishap.

The difference a good fit makes?

You are free to live your life in your clothes without worrying about them falling, gaping, sagging, drooping, and generally just pulling you down and tripping you up.

So find a good seamstress or tailor near you who will take time to look carefully at how your clothes hang, find unsightly puckers and gaping in the fabric, and be able to fit your clothes to your body.

A worthwhile seamstress can fix almost any problem there is with clothing.

(Disclosure: we are not fairy godmothers. Some clothes really can’t be changed to fit. Check out this post.)

~Rebekah Marks

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