What To Expect At a Fitting

Fittings are more or less complicated, depending on the garment.

Do you need your pants hemmed? Try them on, I’ll pin the length, you’ll pick them up later. Simple.

Not everything is so quick, though.

If you have a suit, prom dress, mother-of-the-bride dress, or wedding dress, the first fitting will be an assessment of what has to be done, along with some pinning. I will check shoulders, sleeves, high bust, bust, waist, length, and will discuss with my client about how they want their clothes to fit and what the final look should be.

At the second fitting, basting will be done. (Basting is a quick hand-stitch which holds fabric together as I work to get the right fit. Easy in, easy out.) Then I’ll do more pinning, if necessary.

When the basted fit is good, I’ll set up a third fitting with the final seams in place. Usually, that’s the take-home appointment.

Clothes which need an overhaul, or if I have to take sleeves out and reposition them, will probably need more fittings. Wedding dresses typically take 4-5 fittings.

Pictures are helpful if you’re wanting a total renovation of a garment.

Basically, the more information you give your seamstress, the better she’s able to deliver your wishes.

Quotes are given after I have seen what work needs to be done. Some are open-ended estimates, though, as in the case of a wedding dress. I charge a starting price, which includes four hours of work, then an hourly rate above that.

You’ll need your complete outfit to try on: the shoes, a dress shirt (for a suit alteration). Ladies need the undergarments that they’ll wear with the dress. Wearing a different bra or shapers to the fitting than you’ll wear for the event will change the fit of the dress.

One last point: please allow time for your seamstress to work. :-) If you have an event coming up, contact her at least a month or two in advance to avoid rush fees.

Happy fittings!

~Rebekah Marks

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