My Daily Routine

Being a mom and homemaker is hard work! Add a small business onto that… How do I keep my sanity?!


I start each day the night before by setting out clothes (my children choose their own), making lunches, and tidying the house – a whole-family job.

I get myself ready for the day before my family arises. I aim to get up an hour or two before they do, but that’s REALLY hard for me to do right now. Anyway, if I’m up even 20 minutes before they are, it helps to keep the rest of the day flowing. Conversely, I automatically lose 3 hours of the day by sleeping until they awaken. The math doesn’t work; I take forever to regain a rhythm in that case.

That first hour after my husband and children leave for work and school is my key to staying sane. I use that time to reset the house: make beds (children usually do their own), tidy upstairs and down, start laundry, clean up the kitchen, and start supper – even if it’s just thawing meat and having a plan.

Then I sew! I sew better when my house and I are in a reasonable state of order.

I schedule appointments after 9:00a.m. so I am prepared mentally for them.

I sew until the clock says to pick up my children from school. From that time until bedtime, I focus on them, supper, housework to finish, and preparing for the next day.

Bedtime for anyone under 5-feet tall is 7:00p.m. That’s when I’m exhausted, and I need their day to end so that mine can, too.

After resetting the house again, I might read or sew or spend time with my husband. Or I’ll do computer work.

As a side note: my routine listed above looks clean, tidy, and wonderful. Sticking to it is hard work, though! Not every day is smooth-routine sailing. I’m not supermom, but I do try hard to be the best I can be for my family.

Also, life changes. My routine didn’t look like this last year. It morphed from what worked then into what works now.

~Rebekah Marks

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