Say "No" To The Knock-Off

I like a bargain. I love finding just what I want for next to nothing.

I also like good quality. That’s why more often than not, I’m bypassing the bargain bin to get something that will last longer than the car ride home.

Translate this thought to the world of dresses, and it’s a battle of salons versus online “bargain” sites.

At a salon, you’ll have personal help selecting a dress to complement your features. You’ll have service on that dress. You’ll get a fairly-high to high-quality dress in a sweet-smelling shop. And you’ll have a high price tag.

For the bargain-hunters, online sites are appealing. “50% off designer dresses!” What happens, though, is the actual dress is nothing like the beautiful picture of it! Many sites will even take the real photo from the designer, slap it on their own site, then advertise their “bargain.”


Once Miss Bargain-Hunter finally receives her dress, if she ever does, she’ll open a bag about the size of a sofa pillow into which is crammed her wonderful deal. Overlooking the wrinkles, she’ll try on the dress and discover that, even though she sent in precise measurements, nothing fits anywhere! The fabric looks like a cheap Halloween costume, and the embellishments are GLUED on. Sometimes the seams are glued, too.

She’ll call frantically trying to find a fixer-upper for her dress – and there’s no time to return her dress. Besides, the company has a no-return policy.

Then her options are to buy a salon dress or have her junky dress altered. As a seamstress, I can tell you that altering those junky bargain dresses from China is a NIGHTMARE! They don’t have normal construction techniques. Cheap fabric is hard to work with. Nothing fits. Usually, the entire dress has to be renovated even to be usable.

Guess what? That bargain dress just costs a whole lot more in alterations, IF alterations are even possible, than a normal dress!

Not much of a bargain.

Here are only a few those NO-NO sites:

-Sammy Dress

-DH Gate


-Modlily (or any “lily” site)


-Discount Dress

-Light In the Box

-buyer beware on Ebay or Etsy

Here are more links for reference:

-Brides Beware

-Knock-Off Wedding Dresses List

-Discount Dress Reviews

-Angry Brides Share Horror Stories (This site has disgusting side-bar links.)


-Wedding Dress Reviews

-Mountainside Bride

Now go to a salon for your wedding or prom! Otherwise, buy cheap, buy twice.

And no, I don’t alter online junk dresses anymore… unless you’re willing to pay $3000 for it. Yes, that’s three grand.

If you have horror stories of online bargain clothing, tell about it in the comments!

~Rebekah Marks

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