Good Intentions and Christmas Break

Christmas Break starts as soon as school lets out today! During that time, I will be taking a vacation from paid sewing, but I still have a giant box of good intentions that I’ve collected over the decades.

Let’s see:

- An apron I started for my sister 3 or 4 years ago—I can’t remember which;

- Pajamas for my son; the pieces have been cut for two years, so, er… those will be going to another little boy;

- Quilt squares along with grand visions of beautiful hand-stitched quilts on my children’s beds;

- Enough flannel to provide our town with baby blankets;

- Lots of patterns with fabric to go with them;

- Fleece for a jacket;

- Leftover bits of fabric to make stuffed animals or bags…

You get the idea.

Well, I’ve lived long enough to realize I won’t finish everything in the box over the break, but I do have a few goals:

- Make Christmas Eve pajamas for my little kiddos;

- Sew a skirt for me (using fabric and patterns I already have);

- FINISH the aprons I started for my sisters and give them away;

- Reupholster my dining room chairs (that’s a tall order, but I have all the fabric already).

I’ll let you know how it goes.

~Rebekah Marks

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