Good Intentions In January

My grand plans for finishing a few good intentions over Christmas Break were just that—plans. I did complete the Christmas Eve pajamas for my children about 15 minutes before they needed to wear them.

The rest of my projects for December will move to January—or February—or March…

Even though I only finished one project of the four listed, I did finish LOTS of other things:

- Had company for several days (lots of children and happy noise here);

- Made a gingerbread house and cookies, decorated by all the children mentioned above;

- Finished sewing projects for the children of close friends;

- Hosted a party for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary;

- Visited with numerous friends and family – the absolute best part of Christmas or any holiday;

- Sang with the church choir;

- Practiced the piano;

- Enjoyed the dolphin show with the kids at the Indianapolis Zoo with my in-laws;

- Spent time loving our children, reading with them, playing Play-Doh, cooking with them, coloring, tickling, and laughing with them;

- Made mental lists of all the clutter that needs to go;

- Kept up sort of with the housework and paperwork;

- Helped our children make fleece pillows.

Here is our daughter with the pink heart pillows she made, plus her brother’s blue circle pillow:

And here’s the biggest mess of the season in the making—also the most fun! Gingerbread plus lots of sugar plus nine children!

~Rebekah Marks

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