Organizing Thread

I used to keep every thread I owned in an old Whitman’s Sampler box about the size of a cigar box.

Fast forward a few years, and a few hundred spools, and I’ve definitely outgrown the Whitman’s chocolate box. I needed something to keep each bobbin with the right spool. Who has time to rifle through 30 shades of pink to find the matching color?

My designing background kicked in.

I’ve designed things all my life, even a house with a full opera theater when I was 11, but that’s beside the point. Most ideas just stayed in my head or on paper, or later on AutoCAD, but some became reality.

To solve my tangles of thread, I designed, and my dad helped make, a board to hold 121 spools and bobbins together. Not too long after, a family friend made another board for me. Now it’s time for a third.

Conveniently out of camera sight are more boxes of thread—lots of thread!

But I LOVE my thread boards!

~Rebekah Marks

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