My Jedi Husband

The excitement in our home escalated as December 17th drew closer. My husband counted the days and watched every single Star Wars trailer available. He researched all sorts of robes to make—for me to make.

I’ll spare the details of the marathon sewing day I had putting together four Jedi robes. Basically, I read the non-sewers internet tutorials, took a few ideas, scrapped the rest, and made my own.

I shouldn’t be too harsh on those guys; they put lots of effort into their work. I would produce that same quality of work if I tried to write a tutorial on rebuilding an engine. Not my thing.

Back to the Jedi robes, here is a picture of my husband (shown in the middle) and his friends in full uniform on the Star Wars opening night:

I'm available to make more of these robes. If you're interested in placing an order, please contact me.

~Rebekah Marks

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