This is a normal bridesmaid’s dress with a ruche waist and a-line skirt.  Our model is in her first trimester, and the dress was getting tight.  I let out the sides as much as possible, pulled up the dress waist over her waist, double-checked the fit, then hemmed the dress.  She could breathe when I was finished.

No "before" image. Though I wanted to show that I took in the dress all over and hemmed the lace bottom to give this bride a beautiful tailored fit.



These pants pulled up at the inseam and dragged on the floor in other places.  I measured off the floor to get a correct hemline, and here it is.

This dress was changed from a floor-length to a hi-lo hem.

This dress needed to be taken in the sides, on the front at the yoke, at the shoulders, and under the arms.  I also reshaped the neckline.

No "before" shot, but I did want to show how I shortened the dress and the jacket sleeves on this mother of the bride dress.

This is what 34 yards of tulle looks like made into an elastic-waist skirt!

A dress renovation! This has been one of my favorite projects: converting her mother's wedding dress into an updated version for this lovely bride.

I took up the shoulder, added an underarm gusset to allow better motion, took in the bust, and hemmed the dress.

This needed tucking in at the waist back and hemming.

No before picture, but I hemmed this dress to floor-length.

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